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The catalogue above describes Atelier NL's way of working and the types of workshops offered by the studio, which is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It represents the culmination of several months of research, writing, photography, travel, and collaboration with an international team spanning Spain, Italy, France, the US, and the Netherlands. As the primary writer, storyteller, and graphic designer, I honed our research and data into the catalogue above, which is now being used to tell Atelier NL's story to academic institutions and workshop clients worldwide.

In the summer of 2015, Lonny van Ryswyck, the co-founder of Atelier NL, was about to head to Asia to direct an urban research workshop for design students. Lonny planned to give a digital presentation as an introduction to our studio and the upcoming workshop, thus the context that triggered the creation of this document. We needed a way to cleanly share the story of our methodology and workshop offerings in the future as well. This content has been used as a digital presentation, an email marketing file, and as a printed catalogue. Users include Atelier NL clients, students, collaborators, interns, fellow design studios, and governmental/non-governmental organizations who fund or cooperate with the studio.

I created all written content and refined the formatting, image selection, and storytelling flow. The fonts and colors were standardized in order to remain consistent with other studio content. The photographs and graphics were half taken or created by me - and half drawn from our archives. I took the document from several pages of a rough idea to a refined document. Formatting details were decided in collaboration with the studio's co-founders.