ux researcher . content strategist . anthropologist

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I am a UX researcher, writer, and strategist based in Austin, Texas. I have degrees in industrial design and anthropology. My work is my passion. Check out my resume for more details.

There are endless ways to solve problems, respond to the world around us, and shape the experiences that we all share. Design is a constant process of creation and destruction - and humans are designers and inventors by nature. As an anthropologist, cultural evolution and human instinct are core to my approach. I specialize in improving physical and virtual user experiences and I approach projects from an international perspective that discourages assumption.

I am insatiably curious about others' perspectives and passionate about applying human-centered research to products, systems, content, and physical space. I am particularly fond of interviewing people and conducting on-site research in context. My tool bag includes initial discovery, persona design, user journey creation, cooperative design workshops, participant recruiting, protocol design, usability testing, and collaborative application of results with designers and stakeholders. I am an advocate for UX research and love working with diverse teams to create and improve products.

I also apply design research and UX research fundamentals to the creation of content. Through iterative interviews, research, and prototyping (with words), I craft effective copy that reflects client, stakeholder, and user needs. I specialize in creating English content for foreign clients and am active as a writer, strategist, and researcher in the Dutch design scene.


Anthropology + Latin American Studies + French Language @ University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Master of Industrial Design @ Rhode Island School of Design. I have worked in publishing, radio, TV, photography, set design, and product design.


We are advanced animals who creatively respond to the pressures, inefficiencies, and challenges posed by our environment. We build upon the creations of our predecessors generation after generation. As our environment is increasingly shaped by human innovation, designers are particularly called upon to shape the world in which we live. As designers, we have a special responsibility to understand and work mindfully as we create the next version of the world around us.
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