create out loud: peek & poke project description



Project Overview

The Peek & Poke Project is a pilot that will unite designers and technical experts via a studio experiment open to the public during Dutch Design Week 2016. The Create Out Loud daily talk show, led by Isolde Hallensleben and held at MU, will showcase the process of innovation as it unfolds in real-time. Continuous audience participation and public feedback will create an all-inclusive atmosphere where everyone has a voice.

The Premise

The Peek & Poke Project represents an effort to unify design, technology, and the public. Designers are in a position to make technology more human - while engineers and technical experts introduce new technology into society. As technology moves forward, it is important that these worlds find creative meeting points. The division between the physical and virtual worlds in our daily lives is becoming increasingly blurred. How can designers and scientists work together to balance the brain, body and technology? How can we create solutions that bridge virtual and physical reality in a satisfying and healthy way? By giving small interdisciplinary groups a chance to incubate, the program encourages artful applications of technology, collaboration between disciplines, and solutions that are highly relevant to modern culture and the human experience.

Call for Participants

This is an open invitation to students of DAE and TU/e - supported by leaders of both institutions. Peek & Poke is seeking up to 15 team members. Please spread the word. Teams will be self-determined. Team members will discuss their individual areas of interest and choose a shared goal that will fairly utilize everyone’s skill set. There are no hard rules - so there is space to try out different ideas. The process is as important - if not more important - than the outcome. We encourage failure, risk taking, and curious leaps.

Peek & Poke is also seeking 3 representatives familiar with design and/or technology. Reps will ensure smooth running between the studio, the talk show, and the public. They will welcome studio guests, explain projects to the public, photograph the innovation process, prepare talk show presentations, provide press updates, and manage social media. Familiarity with InDesign or presentation software is key. Representatives will facilitate the smooth running of the whole project so that teams can focus on their work.

Project Details

The Peek & Poke Project, created by Isolde Hallensleben and hosted by MU, will bring art, design, and technology together during Dutch Design Week 2016. A maximum of 15 students from TU/e and the Design Academy will collaborate in small teams of 3-5, exploring various forms of technology with the support of real-time audience discussion, brainstorming, and feedback.

Isolde will host the Create Out Loud daily talk show live during Dutch Design Week from Sunday, October 23 to Saturday, October 29, from 6:00-7:00 each evening. She will interview team members and pull the audience into the creative process so that they become directly involved - effectively forging a collective community around shared ideas and potential solutions.

The project will have its own studio during DDW, which will function as a live working exhibit. It will be open to the public, allowing everyone to witness progress firsthand. True to this year’s DDW theme, The making of: An ode to the making process and makers, it allows the public to glimpse future design and technology in the making.

The Pick & Poke Project is not meant to be an endpoint! We encourage students to continue their collaborations. For example, the STRP Biennial and The World Design Expo will take place in 2017 in Eindhoven. These events carefully select participants and we encourage everyone to expand their innovations into the future.
ContactTo participate or for more info, email Isolde Hallensleben at