earth alchemy factory



Atelier NL has long transformed clay, sand, stone, and plant life into products and materials that tell stories and strengthen community ties. Through the creation of handcrafted interactive machines and events that showcase the transformation of raw materials into products, we bring the public into the creation process from start to finish. Through our programs, people have a unique opportunity to converse with the land, rhythms, and living things around them. Now, we plan to take this method even further, as we integrate our research and production with public participation. This new endeavor represents a novel system and philosophy where community creation and sustainable production meet.

Our projects engage participants from every level of society and from all over the world, representing many of the key processes that allowed humanity to evolve. In this time of rapid technological change, it is a rare anomaly to witness the processes that provide the products and materials we depend on. Yet transparency and the understanding of these processes is an important part of sustainable cultural evolution. Atelier NL invites humanity to play a conscious role in the conversation between raw materials and end products - and thus to become more intimate with everything around us.