Reloco is a trading, buying, and sharing platform that connects relocating users with collections of furniture.

Relocation is tricky enough, but when you have to buy new furniture piece by piece, it becomes more cumbersome. Many young students relocate to new cities for a short time to get a degree. Similarly, many professionals move into order to follow a job. Currently, the options for furniture acquisition are limited. You can buy new or used furniture piece by piece - but what if the people who are moving away pass on collections of belongings to those who are just arriving? That is what Reloco is all about. Efficiency, sharing, connection, and creating a better experience during an important, and commonly stressful, transitional time in life.

Inspiration: The idea for Reloco evolved during the "Responsible Design" phase of a multi-tiered project. Over time, I had been studying the habits of fellow students in relation to their housing and furniture needs for short-term stays in Providence. Once a year, there was a major run on housing. Around the same time, there was a major purging of belongings, which often went out onto the curb or to thrift stores. Students gave away everything down to their mismatched collections of teabags and exotic liquors from abroad. Foreign students returning home had only so much space in their bags - so everything else had to go. Ironically, new arrivals to town arrived shortly after. New students had no furniture and had to piece together a living space from IKEA furniture and thrift store goods. Most arriving students were lacking a car to transport their new furniture. The fact that incoming students needed the exact resources that the outgoing students were giving away represented a design opportunity.

Users include students, young professionals, and those who lead a transient lifestyle.